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Classic Wedding by Phillip Lloyd Photography


I love this next wedding for a few reasons. For one, I am a little obsessed with Lauren and Andrew, bride and groom…SO. GORGEOUS. Second, I love that they are truly, one of the most amazingly nice people you will ever meet. And finally, planned to perfection by Sandy Rule Events, the reception was gorgeous. The florals, the soft, clover green/ivory color scheme, a Chic Sweets’ dessert table, the pieces all came together in such a great way. And photographer Phillip Lloyd was there to capture it all to his usual perfection.

Will have a few more shots (soon); however in the meantime, below is a link to a wonderful slideshow put together by Phillip Lloyd. Also posted on our Facebook Page. And…yes…if those blue shoes that Lauren is wearing look familiar with you…think Sex in the City movie, final scenes (the blue shoes in that closet!).


Elegant Tampa Marriott Wedding by Sandy Rule Events

Image Credits: Mark Moberg Photography. For more images of our Dessert Table and Meredith and Chris’s wedding, please check out Mark’s wonderful blog/website.

Okay, so I knew I would finally catch my breath at some point! Sandy Rule is one of those wedding planners that always works the most amazing weddings ever. Probably because she’s an amazing person herself so she’s drawn to really amazing, wonderful couples like Meredith and Chris. OR, the real truth is that she’s good. I mean, really good at what she does and manages to make every wedding look effortlessly gorgeous. Put in a photographer like Mark Moberg of Moberg Photography, a Chic Sweets’ dessert table and you have the ingredients for the most perfect wedding.

Dessert Details: As you can tell, my poms-crush continues. And I found these wonderful cutout letters from Martha Stewart which fit in perfectly with the black, white and silver color scheme. We used a simple filligree monogram so that was incorporated in the print materials/signage. If I can, I always like to work with the accent color as my base for the table (in this case, black) so we used that for our linens and it really makes the table pop.

Few other wonderful vendors that made the day:
Florist – Redman Steele
Venue – Marriott Waterside
Rentals – My Event Design
Band – Ace Factor, Dennis Bailey Mgmt.
Linens (Venue) – Connie Duglin
Dessert Table Linens – Linens by the Sea
Invitations – Not From a Box
Cake – Chocolate Pi


I’m here! Alive!

IMAGE CREDIT: CSE Photography, who also shot our table at a previous event here.

Good Morning everyone! So sorry for the blog-drought! Between a few projects we’ve been working on here at Chic Sweets, we’ve been on over-drive but…I’m here and alive! …And hoping to share with you some great inspiration in the coming weeks, one of which has been a wonderful photoshoot that was organized with some fantastic professionals in the industry (MMD Events/Limelight/Two Yellow Wedding Shoes/Linens by The Sea).
The idea behind the whole shoot was this laid-back, unique, vintgage-just looked-like-we-put-it-together scene on Anna Maria Island. We happen to do a dry-run of our table at a recent bridal show so I have a “sneak peak” of what our table look like (above).
Also, on the day of the shoot-took a few shots (not in the best quality)…but can’t help but share with all of you a tiny glimpse (below) of how it all came together. Again, thank you for your patience…I promise, more details coming soon!

Kate and Brandon: Part II


Good Morning everyone! We know the day after Memorial weekend be a little rough so we have prepared a pretty treat to snap you out of those workday blues. How about some GORGEOUS photos from Carrie Wildes Photography? Will that help?

This beauty of this color palette, Kate and Brandon and the vibe of this vivacious wedding immediately put me in that giddy, fun mode. And really, what better mode is there? And with these beautiful shots by Carrie,…ahhhh….just another day at Chic Sweets.