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Hello July! Lookin’ Good…

Helly Everyone! Hope all of you are having a great week. I’m looking forward to this post since I checked out June’s Goals and realized that amazingly, I’m doing well for tackling some big goals I was hoping to get through. Wahoooo!

So here we go….July:

Business: Giving myself a gold star for reorganzing my workspace. Spring wedding season was craziness so it felt good to purge, organize, file, update calendars, etc. Honestly, there is so much truth that a clean, clutter-free workspace really does make a difference. Other items I still have to tackle include updating my web gallery with this year’s weddings which is completely overdue.

Another biggie for this month is evaluating our client experience from the moment we make our initial contact to how we continue to connect with them through their process with us. As I work through this, I’m looking forward to sharing some pictures and a little glimpse into how this looks for us.

Wife: I’ve lost hope on the whole vacation realities and yes, it may sound sad but with Baby P, the  boys, work, life…you know…I’m pretty much okay with that. Unless we are working, we aim make the most out of every weekend and I’m perfectly okay with our weekend “stay-cations”.  Maybe in the next coming months–we’ll see…it’s still a goal (sort of).

Family: We are in the midst of summertime with the boys–camps and a mix of mama’s “special field trips.” Exhausting. Um, yes. But every amazing moment makes up for any “I’m too tired” moment times infinity. Does that make sense? Our Sunday church-going days are still a challenge. Personally my faith is always changing, growing but can’t rally the family in time for Sunday mornings. Ugh! Work in progress…work in progress…

Me: I’m happy to have made some leeway since last month. Thrilled to be running again and hopefully back on track. Running has been a passion of mine for years but since this last pregnancy I’ve been completely disconnected from all of it so it feels darn good to get out. I’m starting to feel like me again and it’s been awhile since that has happened.

So there it is. Soooo long June–I have no idea where you went!


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