Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog! Here you will get to know me—the “sweet girl” behind the dessert tables. The girl who loves to create. The proud mama who loves her boys to no bounds and the wife that thanks her lucky stars every day to have her husband, her best friend & business partner, by her side. Whether you visiting our blog or the first time or have stopped by before, please know that I’m incredibly grateful that you are here and look forward to getting to know you. So sit back, grab a large cup of coffee (or cake pop) and enjoy!

Introducing the new Chic Sweets!

And we’re off! Welcome to my new blog, Chic Sweets’ website and new brand. To my supporters, my readers, industry friends, my clients–thank you for stopping by today!

This has been quite a journey, a labor of big love and today, I can tell you that I just feel extremely proud. All day I’ve just been smiling because *finally* I feel like “me” is staring right back at me. The patterns, colors, gorgeous collateral materials, updated logo, everything is an extension of what I love the most. The process of rebranding has been a long one, much longer than I ever thought–I was forced to dig deep into what I really wanted from Chic Sweets and more importantly, what I wanted potential clients to experience.



So with all this deep “soul searching” I needed to pull together the BEST team to be on my side (and this may start to sound like an Oscar acceptance speech so bear with me). A year ago, MTH was the catalyst in my life that opened my eyes and pushed me in the right direction. From there, I knew that BIG changes had to happen in my life, so thanks to Lara Casey, Natalie Norton, Emily Ley, Gina Zeidler and some of the most remarkable women that continue to remain in my life, today.

Now for my favorite person who I LOVE to bits and pieces: Karrie Pyke Designs. Karrie is a remarkable designer whose work amazed me to no end. From the very beginning she poured over inspiration boards, answered every question, took the time to go over proof after proof until we got it right. *Karrie: thank you for your constant encourgement and for taking this project and turning it into something that I am so proud of. You. Are. Remarkable.

Also a big shout-out, high-five to my “web-guy” Tim Brandon, from Skip Agency who brought this site to life and endured endless going back and forths and my daily “how’s it going?” emails.

One of my favorite parts of my new site are the wonderful images…so as a reader, I encourage you to take a peak at our gallery and press pages. Without a doubt, part of my success as a business is having images that convey my work in a great, amazing way and for that I have to say THANK YOU, to those photograhers that have so generously shared their work with us.

The Old Look

The New Look

And saving the best for last, Steve, who recieves TONS of awards for being my biggest supporter throughout all of this…even during the not so easy times, he is always there to challenge me and there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not thankful for his love (and yes, it’s Valentine’s Day so I can be that mushy).

Enjoy everyone and thanks again for stopping by!  Feel free to leave a comment to introduce yourself and let me know what you think!


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