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Rusty Pelican Wedding with Mandy and Me Photography


When I realized I had to write this blog post I found myself getting sad. I have to admit, I got very attached to my bride’s wonderful mother, Maria. From weekly emails to phonecalls, by the time the wedding came along, I felt like I knew Maria better than my own bride (in a non-stalkerish kind of way, I swear). Luckily, Maria is one of those wonderful mothers who still, months later, stays in touch with me, so I can still hang on! 🙂

This wedding was absolutely beautiful. When Larissa (our stunning bride) saw the table, the first words out of her mouth, was “that is exactly what I was envisioning!” Indeed, by the time this wedding came along, Maria and I had covered every detail–from the black and white damask backdrop to the various shades of pink that would cover the table through the candy and desserts. And to add the sparkle, all of our vessals were lined in a bright pink paper.

And moving forward, I will be sharing a glimpse into the design behind each of our tables. I’m always one of those that likes to know all the behind the scenes stuff, so I figured I would share a bit of what goes into when we design each of our tables!

Vendor Credits:
Dessert Table Concept and Design: Chic Sweets

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